Root Root Root for the Home Team!

Hello Colorado West Pointers and Allied Academy Grads!

This year we have scheduled 5 Rockies games to attend.  Please go to the Events page and register for one or more.

WPSD has already purchased 25-50 tickets for you to buy.  Buying your tickets is easy right there on the site.

Get involved with your alumni AND Take your family and friends out to a great day at the ball park, all at once – just CLICK HERE.

Here is a list of upcoming WPSD games


Rockies v. Phillies       Sun Apr 20, 2:10pm          Tickets $29

Rockies v. Giants        Thurs May 22, 1:10pm     Tickets $22

Rockies v. Dodgers     Fri June 6, 6:40pm            Tickets $29

Rockies v. Pirates       Sat July 26, 6:10pm           Tickets $29

Rockies v. Cubs           Thurs Aug 7, 1:10pm        Tickets $29

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